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Most restaurant and catering menus are pretty meat-heavy. Including at least one plant-based option in your offerings may boost sales and can bring new clientele to your establishment. Not only will you gain vegan and vegetarian clients, but you will also get who ever they want to dine with in your business. In these times, plant-based food can be just as delicious and decadent as omnivorous dishes.


Data shows that sales of plant-based food have grown by over 8 percent in just one year, and the trend doesn’t seem to be slowing down. The industry of non-dairy milks alone is predicted to reach a 2018 value of $16.3 billion. Not only are sales up, but, animal product sales are down. Traditional milk sales fell by around 5 percent in the past year. Even meat companies believe that plant-based options are the future. Tyson Foods, the world’s second-largest meat producer, has a 5 percent stake in Beyond Meat, one of the top new vegan meat substitute companies. These numbers point to the fact that by having even one vegan option on your menu, you can probably snag even more customers.


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There are some amazing products on the market that would delight any omnivore. Many of these can be house-made from whole food ingredients or bought in bulk to please patrons. Nut cheeses are typically made from cashews or macadamia nuts, and they make any dish creamy, delicious and dairy-free. They are often made through the same fermentation processes as regular cheese, which gives them that unmistakable sharp cheese taste. Other vegan “dairy” brands like Daiya or Follow Your Heart offer meltable options that go great on pizza or nachos.


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Burgers are a hot item on the market — and not just the cow kind. Two plant-based burgers that entered the market in 2017 are on the tip of everyone’s tongue. The first is the Impossible Burger. This was developed in a lab, and even meat lovers swear it is pretty close to the real thing. The most realistic aspect of the burger comes from heme, which makes the meat bleed like real burgers. Plant and produce-based food lovers flock to restaurants that put their own twist on The Impossible Burger. The other delicious burger out on the market is the Beyond Burger. Sometimes it’s sold right next to the real meat in the store, but mostly it’s in the frozen section. Believe it or not, it actually has more protein than a beef burger.


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Tofu, tempeh and seitan are three of the main plant-based protein sources that make a great base for any vegan meal. Tofu is coagulated Soy Milk curds. It makes for a white substance that absorbs just about any flavor. It’s lovely in stir-fries, on sandwiches or in any number of preparations. Tempeh is fermented soy, and it has a fresh and nutty taste. It is particularly well suited as a bacon substitute. Seitan is wheat gluten that has been cooked in such a way to make it delicious and savory. Seitan goes great in any dish that requires a more realistically meaty experience.



Use any of these tips to make your restaurant or catering business more veg-friendly, and you may see new customers streaming through the door.

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