The West Central facility has been specifically designed for food distribution. This building, the first of its kind, is operated under strict HACCP guidelines to ensure constant and consistent food safety handling. Far exceeding the requirements placed on it by the county of Los Angeles, the company has adopted a series of protocols and SSOPs consistent with the most comprehensive of programs designed for the food distribution industry. Emergency procedures are in place to ensure that the quality of service and dependability will never be compromised, even during critical situations.

NSF Certified
Produce Alliance
HACCP Certified
FDA Inspected & Approved

With the goal of assuring our clients that the products we deliver have been purchased and managed to meet the highest health and safety standards, our program mandates that we receive, store, and handle products under strict conditions that will protect the food against physical, chemical, and microbial contamination. Personnel at West Central receive extensive education and training towards this goal in order to identify sanitary failure as well as be able to expedite a product recall if one should ever arise. All records, from that of employees’ personal hygiene requirements while on the premises, to a vigorous pest control program, to maintenance and cleanliness of the work and non-work areas – including the supervision of the cleaning agents that are used – are monitored and documented fastidiously. Finally, all information is audited regularly by SCS along with their four annual on-site visits.