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5 Food Trends for 2019

For businesses to succeed in a fast-paced market, staying on top of trends is vital. When the company is in tune with not only today’s needs but the needs of the future, they’ll always have a selling point.

But how does this work for restaurants and the food industry? Won’t people always crave good food, quality and the right price? Following food trends today means not only knowing and anticipating the latest in cuisine culture but also knowing how to appeal to a customer’s emotional side.

Everyone has heard how people, when buying, are usually emotionally driven. And this could not be truer than in the food industry. If people don’t feel a connection with the type of food being served, they are less likely to order it.

Let’s look at some food trends in 2019:


1. Customizable food

Everyone knows a grilled cheese sandwich, but all over the country, chefs are taking the humble snack meal up a notch, and letting their customers get creative. One way to do this is to have the foundation or base of a meal as standard–the one everyone knows and is familiar with.

Then, allow people to add their own toppings, mix and match seasonings, or even experiment with artisanal cheeses. This will then create a sandwich that is both familiar and experimental.


2. Instagram Worthy Food

No longer can the dishes taste amazing, they have to look photogenic, too! Many food industry businesses are relying on social media to make them part of the trending conversation.

Food entrepreneurs need to think of ways to attract customers by plating the dish as attractively as possible, too.


3. Multi-Cooking Techniques

While pickled and fermented foods have their place in the healthy-food trend, other cooking techniques are highly sought after. Grilling over a live fire, smoking and roasting are harder to get right than just deep frying the food.

It takes a certain finesse, perhaps special training and experience in cooking to achieve. A restaurant can appear to be a trendsetter by promoting not just the food, but the way it is prepared and the techniques used in the cooking process.


4. An International Palette

The world of food opens up, and yet becomes more inclusive and accessible. Flavors from every region, and even across the oceans must be promoted as global cuisine.

Business Insider recently showed how foods from the Pacific Rim islands are taking a number one spot in trendsetting. And BBC Travel lists Sri Lankan and Burmese cuisine as the latest sought after meals.


5. Shop and stay to dine

Italian chain EATALY has been leading this trend, with its attractive food selection plus dining options.

For travelers who come to visit a destination on limited time, introducing them to a region´s produce by allowing a dine-in option is a great way for food industry leaders to showcase their best.


Gain Trust to Stay on Top of Trends

While some “foodies” try to experiment more, eating unusual dishes, it´s important for restaurants to remember that this is all about trust. The trends today that will last long into the future are the ones that bring a sense of being and comfort to the table.

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